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Arboricultural Association Re-assessment

On 21 April Bruce Hatton came and did a thorough examination of  Emery Landscapes Ltd, what we do and how we do it; looking at past and ongoing work. The lads were demonstrating an interesting dismantling job. The premises, office operating systems and all the Health and safety requirements were all examined. We were very pleased to be successful.

There is a full assessment every 4 years with an interim assessment every 2 years.

Items assessed include:

  • The standard of workmanship is closely being examined.
  • Specifications for work being clear, understood by the client and staff undertaking the work to a high standard.
  • Health and safety regulations and procedures being implemented and adhered to.
  • Staff being trained and having a personal development program.

Further Developments:

We bought a new Forst TR6 wood chipper; a marvellous piece of kit.

We have a tracked and radio controlled  PREDATOR 50RX Stump Grinder capable of tackling the largest of tree stumps effortlessly. This is the most efficient way of removing large tree stumps. Stumps are chipped up allowing the site to be used for other purposes such as landscaping, construction development or the removal of trip hazards.

We obtained CHAS health and safety accreditations in July.